What Do You Keep in Your C7 Corvette’s Hidden Compartment?

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That little hidden storage compartment behind the Nav in the C7 can conceal some pretty interesting things, including some that should serve as a warning that you definitely don’t want to mess with anyone who drives a Corvette.

The post, titled “Hidden Compartment,” seems to suggest that while some might use the storage area for sun glasses and cellphones, many more are wondering whether or not it’s a good place to store your gun.

Corvette Forum member Fred C7  says the area fits a Glock 27, while posting the picture above to prove it. Though he says he would never leave it in the car.

One possible reason for that might be the same reason Bucknut2006 states: “I have a CCW and the hidden compartment is a horrible spot. If you need to use it, it needs to be on you. Something as simple as being in reverse locks operation of the door.”

Joy C7 wonders if it’s even a good idea, given the time it’d take to pull the gun out of the compartment. “Don’t you guys think if a real emergency came up, would you really have the time to open the cubby hole and get your gun out?”

Seems like fairly sound logic, if you ask me. But what do you think? What do the rest of you C7 Corvette owners store in that little compartment?

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