Godzilla (Nissan GT-R) vs. Corvette Z06 – The Video

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A few days ago, we shared with you here how Motor Trend dropped a bomb on everyone when they announced that the GT-R Nismo beat out the new Corvette Z06 in their track test. While I’m sure that news ruffled quite a few feathers, it’s almost understandable why the GT-R won.


While the Corvette is the most powerful Corvette GM has ever made, it has a few issues that haven’t been totally worked out yet. The Corvette Z06 tends to overheat and cut power to the wheels; an issue many of you have complained about in recent months especially here on Corvette Forum. Secondly, the GT-R has had almost a decade of R&D that has gone into making it the most capable track star on the planet. It would be hard for a full-on race team to build something as robust.


However, for you more visual individuals, Motor Trend was kind enough to make a video showing why the Nismo is the better track car. Here I present to you, MT’s “Head 2 Head”.

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