Muscle Car of the Week: The 1971 Corvette LS6 454

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This Corvette from 1971 packs a unique engine under the hood: the venerable LS6 454 big block. The guys at Muscle Car of the Week have featured this ’71 454 convertible because it’s a good starting point for the LS6. This 1971 version put 425 horsepower under the hood of the C3, and transformed what we thought about muscle cars and sports cars.

This example in War Bonnet Yellow is an automatic convertible that also comes with a hard top. It’s a unique one, as less than 200 were made in this combination. But despite nearly a dozen different colors available, this paint proved to be the most popular. This car has the rally type wheels, power steering to assist with the turning of those wheels, disc brakes up front to slow things down, and Goodyear Wide Tread rubber to keep the shiny side up.

The wonderful part about videos like these is they are full of information you’d never expect to be readily available. Build numbers and production specifics are all packed in to the video below.

If you have a ’71 454 Vette like the one featured in this video, please let us know more about it!

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