Corvette Owner/Hero Chases Down Armed Cop Shooter

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A car wash owner in Albuquerque, New Mexico (who wishes to remain anonymous) witnessed a man shoot a cop, then steal the officer’s cruiser. But being a Corvette owner, and therefore having balls of solid steel, (as well as family members on the force) the car wash owner leaped into his modded 2003 C5 and took off after the suspect.

He called the police while he was in pursuit and relayed information on location, direction and speed to the dispatchers until other officers could join the chase. The chase began moderately (speeds of about 40mph), but then the suspect fired on another cop and took off rapidly, with speeds exceeding 100mph. The car wash owner did not give up the chase as Vettes [you know] are practically strolling at 100 mph. Even though he was told by 911 not to continue he was relentless due to his family connections and continued, as mentioned, until local police joined the chase.

According to reports, the suspect just wanted to shoot cops and instructed a bystander to call 911 and tell the police that he was armed and waiting for them. In all four LEOs were hit, with one still in Intensive Care. We wish them all a full, speedy recovery. The suspect is in custody. Want to comment? Head to the forumsĀ here

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