Is the Corvette Dubbed “Student Driver” the World’s Most Famous C5?

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Famous YouTuber lets another famous YouTuber drive his turbocharged C5 Corvette. What could possibly go wrong?

If you’ve been involved in the Corvette tuning scene for a while, then you probably know about SuperspeedersRob. The wealthy car collector has been in the “business” of making enthusiast car videos since before YouTube even existed.


Now, his world-famous C5 Corvette (dubbed “Student Driver”) is in the hands of another famous video personality, ThatDudeinBlue.

He’s not the first famous vlogger to sit behind the wheel of Student Driver, of course. Folks like Matt Farah and other A-list journalists and vloggers have also had the pleasure.

This time it’s all about getting a feel for the 680-horsepower, turbocharged Corvette, which by its looks, is far from stock. A few seconds into the video, you’ll hear the host say that it’s actually his second shot at driving the C5. The first time it overheated shortly after take off. A quick glance at the interior will give you an idea as to why it might’ve overheated — perhaps because of its radical transformation into a freaking race car.

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Pay attention to the steering wheel hub, seats, roll bar, seat belts, and of course, the massive rear wing and other aero bits. You know that Rob built this bad boy to go fast, and according to the host, he’s got the speeding tickets to prove it. Perhaps that’s why Student Driver is also dubbed “Cop Magnet.”

Enjoy as ThatDudeinBlue experiences a day piloting the wildest C5 out there, and comprehends what it’s like to drive a race car on the streets. Hint: it can get a little loud and hot.

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