Corvette of the Week: This C7 Is a V8 Ambassador

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We’ve seen a lot of All-American Corvettes of the Week around here, but I don’t think we’ve ever seen an All-American U.K. ‘Vette bestowed with such an honor. Not until now, that is.

Congrats to roocarl, who recently bought this smashing 2014 Corvette over in the U.K., then posted up a few pics for all us chaps across the pond to ogle, along with the following declaration:

“Love this car, Got my C7 very happy with it, full LT3 Z51mag ride with great BB exhaust and extra set of Wheels. Not many in the UK.”

Along with some well-deserved congratulations, folks got busy asking roocarl all about the ownership experience in Britain. Which seems to be a bit more of an expensive love affair than it is in the states. But from the sounds of it, the extra costs are offset by extra rarity.

“So far everyone loves it , hardly any V8┬ácars in the UK even proper PetrolHead mates respect the car. It is a serious contender against the Euro Stuff now!”

Outstanding! But it’s even more than just a contender here at Corvette Forum. It’s a Corvette of the Week!

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