Dear Everybody, Don’t Be This Guy

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I have something I need to get off my chest. When I was a young lad, I once took up two spots with my Chevrolet Camaro. I was terrified of all the other careless college students painting my doors with dings, so I was that guy.

Karma ruthlessly open-palm slapped me in the face the next morning when I woke up and some drunk person had attempted to squeeze into one of the spots, wrecking the front bumper and headlight of my car. And of course they left the scene. Despite the crappy situation, I accept responsibility for that one, as I was the one who set that all up in the first place. Phew, feels good to let it out.

This brings me to the gentleman in the photo you see above. As noted by GS057¬†on the forums, this C6 ZR1 owner is apparently also a little nervous about letting people near his car. He went full protection mode and backed his Corvette into two corner spaces. Lucky for him, the Yaris didn’t block him in completely.


“This kind of **** is why people do not like Corvette owners,” GS057 wrote in the post. “Take a look at the nice note someone left the owner. This was at the Movie House and Eatery in Austin Texas last night.”

Maybe next time, if you’re really that worried about somebody hitting your car, just park farther away in an open lot, or bring a different car entirely. Some other lunatic might go wacko and do something much, much worse than leaving a note.

See what the forum has to say about this… >>

via [GS057]

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