Corvette of the Week: Nothing Like the First Time

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2014 Corvette Stingray Premiere Edition

Congratulations are in order, folks, ’cause Corvette Forum member SnazzySnafu just snagged his first Corvette. And in doing so, he also snagged our Corvette of the Week honor.

Check out these pics of Snazzy’s new usedĀ 2014 Stingray Premiere Edition, number 344 of 500. And when we say “used,” that’s a very loose interpretation of the word, as this baby only had 814 original miles on her.

To give you an indication of just how in love Snazzy is with the new ride, take a closer look at the photo shoot. He couldn’t get the lighting right when he was parked in the driveway, so he went ahead and sacrificed the lawn a bit, just to get the car to pop like she should. And pop she does!

Snazzy says he got everything he wanted in the new ride, except for the suede inserts on the seats. But now that he’s had some seat time, he likes the microfiber inserts just as much as the full leather. And he’s also raving about the manual transmission as well:

“From the 60 or so miles I drove today I can conclude that the 7 speed manual transmissionĀ is amazing, and the auto rev match feature is great when I want to hear the perfect downshift as I’m casually driving on the highway. The clutch is perfect for me and the throw is almost spot on for my preference.”

Sounds like another satisfied customer.

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