Is a Corvette Called “Zora” Headed Our Way?

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1966 Corvette wtih Zora Arkus-Duntov
There’s speculation Chevy could have another trick up its sleeve for the C7, which wouldn’t surprise me one bit after last week’s surprising announcement of the official horsepower numbers on the new Z06.

For die-hard Corvette fans, the name “Zora” is about as sacred as that which naught can be said.

It’s clear now that GM is intent on doing everything it can to make sure the Corvette can finally take on brands like Ferrari.

The latest move centers on GM’s trademarking the name “Zora” to be used in the category of “motor land vehicles, namely automobiles,” according to a GM Authority report. For die-hard Corvette fans, the name “Zora” is about as sacred as that which naught can be said.

Zora Arkus-Duntov is credited as one of the team members who helped develop the V8 engine for the first-gen model. Duntov basically transformed the Corvette from a minty-breathed, six-cylinder roadster, to the more fiery-breathed legend we know today. The Belgian-born American engineer also worked on the Grand Sport program for Corvette Racing, which has led some to speculate that GM might be planning to launch a model bearing his name.

A Corvette called Zora is catchy, isn’t it?

There’s been no official word from Chevy about the trademark; however, a model named in honor of Arkus-Duntov would be a fitting tribute for a man who’s been so instrumental in the world of Corvettes, and it would be a coveted piece for fans as well.

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