Deity Motorsports’ Gorgeous D-shaped Carbon Fiber C7 Corvette Steering Wheels

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Look at that. Would you just look at it? That carbon layer is beautifully crafted, and this Deity Motorsports Corvette wheel looks spectacular with a d-shaped, flat-bottom wheel. This style of wheel has become popular in sports cars in recent years, as it was pioneered in racing to allow more space for the driver’s legs. In a street car it is little more than aesthetic, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it. This piece would look spectacular in most any C7, so if you’re looking to spice up your interior with a quality carbon weave, look no further.

These wheels can be had in a number of different leather colors (perforated or non), with different stitch colors, and the carbon can be done in glossy or matte. Additionally, Deity says they can adjust the thickness of the wheel grip itself, as well as the firmness of the grips. That seems like some serious┬ácustomization for something as simple as a steering wheel. Obviously these are all built on a made-to-order basis, but they say that they’ve got a handful of cores ready to go for any customer that needs one. And you probably need one, right?

While these take about a month to make, and you wouldn’t be able to have one delivered by Christmas at this point, that isn’t to say it wouldn’t make a great holiday gift for yourself or a Corvette-loving loved one. Honestly, though, why do you need a special holiday to treat your Corvette right? Pick out your options and get a new wheel rocking and rolling your direction. Check out the thread here on our forums to get started.

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