Do C7 Corvettes Look Better with Chrome or Black Wheels?

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Does This C7 Corvette Look Better with Chrome or Black Wheels?

People tend to have strong opinions on their wheel finishes. But this C7 Corvette owner likes (and owns) them both.

In the old days, we didn’t worry about stuff like wheels. You typically got one or two options, and that was about it. Base models probably had steel wheels with or without hubcaps. And the fancier models received real chrome or at least chrome trim. But today, black wheels are slowly taking over. And for whatever reason, these dark-hued rims are causing a great divide in our country. Some people love ’em, some people absolutely hate ’em. Corvette Forum member Mayor111 is actually in the middle. So he bought both and went to the forum to show off the results on his C7 Corvette.

“Just bought a set of chrome rims for my C7 Corvette. I like the black, but they just didn’t offer enough contrast. I’ve posted before and after shots for anyone who is trying to decide between chrome and black rims. I’m not saying one is better than the other. But for me I needed more contrast. The black will be my rims when driving, the chrome will be my rims when showing.”

C7 Corvette

Of course, plenty of old school folks chimed in with their support of chrome.

“Congratulations, you nailed it with the chrome wheels,” said justplainjim.

“Definitely the chrome rims! Not a fan of black rims,” added PHILRUP.

“I like chrome wheels better, but I’m not a black wheel hater. Yes I’m very old,” admitted proexpert.

But some people like each choice for this particular C7 Corvette, for different reasons. Null Pointer sums it up pretty nicely.

“The Stingray emblem looks out of place with the black rims. The chrome provides a nice contrast with the darker color of your car. Both sets look good in direct light. I think in the shady side, the black rims would lose definition. Nice to be able to choose.”

Amazingly enough, this thread has remained pretty friendly so far. Much friendlier than most of the black wheel vs chrome wheel arguments we’ve seen out there on the interwebs. So we want to know what you think! Head over here and tell us which wheels you prefer on this C7 Corvette. And chime in with your general feelings toward both, too!

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