C7 Corvette Makes Over 1,200 Horsepower Thanks to Boost

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Small issues prevented ‘Stangkilr’ Corvette from making a great pass at LS Fest.

The lead up to LS Fest is always a rush of activity, and that’s nothing new for this C7. You may have heard of or seen Stangkilr before, and the aptly named Corvette is now eyeing a new victim: Late Model Racecraft’s C7. LMR has called out Stangkilr for a grudge race, and also to see who can snag the fastest C7 record.

Pre-event testing of Stangkilr exposed some issues with their intake setup. This C7 runs an F1X Procharger at about 28 PSI, but one of the hose clamps on the intake is allowing the meth injection to escape, exposing a leak. With those issues patched up temporarily, it was time to hit the dyno. Numbers ended up very impressive, but just short of the 1,300 wheel horsepower mark. Without spray, the car made 1,271 horsepower. That was enough to get packed up for LS Fest and see how the car holds together.

Stangkilr C7 Corvette procharged LS fest drag

Not every weekend goes as planned, however, and that’s exactly how LS Fest went for Stangkilr. Their race against LMR was marred by a poor launch. Some extra pain on that pass came from the fact that LMR ran an 8.05 and reset the C7 world record, even though the engine tanked at the 1,000 ft marker. Down, but not out, they gave it another go.

Stangkilr C7 Corvette procharged LS fest drag

The fastest pass of the day, 8.677 at 152, was a bit better. In fact it marked their fastest pass ever, but the car was suffering issues from belt slippage on the Procharger at the far end of the track. Attempts to fix the belt issue and run again were thwarted by rain, so there was no chance to improve upon a personal best for this car.

Still, the end of the season isn’t quite upon us, and with LMR and a few other guys gunning for C7 supremacy, we bet we haven’t seen the last of this Corvette.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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