Do You Own a Corvette?

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Corvette Z06X Track Car Concept. (11/01/2010)

You don’t have to own a Corvette to sign up for Corvette Forum, and you certainly don’t have to own a Corvette to love them. But how many people on Corvette Forum actually own a Corvette? Member ls1121 wondered the same thing, so he just posted up a thread asking. As you might expect from our group of members, he was immediately met with some pretty hilarious responses. The first response, from R&L’s C6, who wrote, “I’m 70% sure about 90% of the people on the C6 forum own a C6.”

Gotta love it.

The entire thread is full with mostly funny responses, but it did get me to thinking if perhaps we can’t be a bit more scientific about it the question of how many people on this site currently own a Corvette? I know there are several who are previous owners, and some who will be owners soon, but how many of you guys actually have a Corvette? To find out, I made a totally scientific and in no way inaccurate poll to find out. So please, feel free to sound off and maybe we can get a good idea about how many real Corvette owners we have.

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