eBay Corvette find should be covered up forever

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$_57 front

As a fan of classic Corvettes, I thought I’d never find myself saying this, but here it comes: This, my friends, is one of those eBay garage finds that’s better left unfound.

I mean, look at how badly this car has been treated. The fact that the seller had the nerve to post it on eBay for $6,000 is even more of an insult to Corvette lovers. To make matters worse, he says in the vehicle info box that the 1972 C3 is, “One cool-looking Corvette.”

$_57 side text

I’ve come under fire here for some of my opinions on custom Corvettes, but I simply won’t back down on my views with this one. This lime-green atrocity with its tacky black stripes and makeshift truck bed should be covered up forever. If someone wants to be buried in a Corvette, let it be this one.

$_57 rear

To his credit, the seller did get one thing right when he noted, “You won’t find another like this.” Oddly enough, that might be the saving grace for this Corvette if it winds up in the hands of a true lover of the cars who just can’t stand to see this thing existing in such a rotten state.

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