Electronic Climate Control Intermittent

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After trying the two ideas mentioned in the other article
on this subject, my ECC still was blinking on and off. A friend of mine
and I got curious, so we took the printed board off of the faceplate, and
the solder was cracked on the inside of the faceplate. We simply touched a
hot soldering iron w/ just a little bit of solder on it to each point
where the plastic terminal meets the board. For each pin where the solder
is cracked, some solder will need to be added to fill the gap.
get the circuit board off of the faceplate itself, we cut all of the small
black circles of plastic off. (These are what hold the board onto the
faceplate.) All of the buttons on the faceplate will be free to fall out,
so be carefull to have the face pointing down when you remove the board.
Glue can then be used to hold the board onto the faceplate when the
repairs are completed.
If all of this has made no sense feel free
to email me and I\’ll try to clear it up.

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