Fit Every Corvette You’ve Ever Wanted in This 20-Car Garage Home

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The biggest problem with being a Corvette enthusiast is deciding which Corvette to own. If I had the means, I would own more than a dozen Corvettes. I would want a C1 with the 235 inline-six engine, a ’63 split-window coupe, a big-block C2 Convertible, a 1972 Stingray Coupe in Elkhart Green, a C3 convertible from ’68 or ’69, a C4 ZR-1, Z06 models from the C5, C6 and C7 generations, the C6 ZR1, and that is just the beginning of what my collection would look like. Of course, with so many cars, I would need a place to put them, and that new dream garage location just popped up on Craigslist.

A 4-bedroom home in New York state just went up for sale and it comes with storage space for 20 cars. There is a 17-bay garage with seven doors, and the house itself has room for three cars in its climate controlled garage. The cost of this dream property is just $295,000 and it is being sold by the owner, so there may be some wiggle room in that pricing. The only thing that keeps it from being perfect is that it’s only on a 0.3-acre lot. Not a lot of room to build my personal race track for my Corvette collection.

If you, too, need more space so that you can keep more cars, this looks like a great opportunity. Best of all, if I were to buy this home, that would leave me room for ten more Corvettes than I already listed. Time to hit eBay and go car shopping!

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