You Can Bid on this Awesomely Unholy C4 Corvette Limo

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Here’s a C4 Corvette limo that is a complete contradiction of what Corvette stands for … and it’s the best thing to ever roll on four wheels since the office cocktail cart.

This extended C4 features a lot of those great luxury amenities we’ve all come to expect in the trashiest bachelor parties, and then some. It’s got etched Corvette glasses and ice trays, a power-operated privacy shade and a Chevrolet bowtie mirror ceiling — because a little branding never hurt any of the filthy stuff that happens on a limousine floorpan.

Yes, I understand this totally kills the Corvette experience, but in a poetic tribute to form following function, it also extends the Corvette experience. Corvettes have always been about the driver and the passenger — not how many people you pack into it for some wild and crazy night out on the town. With this, though, you can “partay” in America’s greatest sports car, and who can argue about colliding those worlds?

At the end of the day, this car spits in the face of what’s expected. Because this Corvette is a manifestation of coloring outside the lines, we salute this car.

Corvette Mecum 1

Still, the dreamers behind this car colored within the lines where it really mattered. The “Viagra’d ‘Vette” kept its LT1 350ci V8 engine that puts out 300 horsepower. For limo duty, they should have thrown in another 100 ponies, but we’ll take what we can get, especially when talking about knocking back a couple of cocktails (or more) in a corner of Corvette heaven.

Could you see yourself being debaucherous in the back of this monster? You can make a bid on this extended 1994 Corvette at the upcoming Mecum Auction in Indianapolis May 12 – 16.

Mecum says the limo could go for as low as $20,000. I’m sure the things that have gone down in the back of this thing have been much lower.

Praise or boo the C4 Corvette limo on the forum. >>

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