Four-Door Corvette eBay Find!

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This Rare C3 Four-Door Conversion Is a¬†Little Beat up, but It’s All Still There

Your eyes do not deceive you. We found this four-door Corvette on eBay and had to show it to you. In terms of conversions, this is about as bizarre as they come, with a cost — in 1979, mind you — of $17,000 to make it happen. That’s not a number adjusted for inflation, either. And back in the day, it nearly matched the cost of buying the Corvette in the first place. We guess you’re getting twice the car, but not really.

This example, which is reportedly one of six, is priced at $65,000, with absolutely not one single bid on it as of this writing. At least some excitement is drummed up for that asking price, with the inclusion of other four-door corvette articles putting their value at $300,000 each. This one is not a $300,000 car, though. It is brown, very beat up, and looks like it needs a fair bit of work in order to make it right again.

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Paint and interior renovations will need to be done, with some noticeable body work issues and scruffy looking seats. None of that was really addressed in the advertisement, but they did point out that the doors have no handles, because part of the conversion made them all electronic. You open the doors via punching in a code on a keypad. Alas, that keypad is inside the car. It was a special time in 1979, it seems.

Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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