Get Your Mid-Engine Corvette Fix Early with This One-Off

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Mid-Engine Corvette Prototype

Tired of waiting endlessly for the mid-engine Corvette to arrive? Here’s one you can buy today!

We’ve been stuck in mid-engine Corvette mania for months now. And that doesn’t figure to change any time soon. At least not until Chevrolet finally pulls the covers off the thing. In the meantime, we’ll continue to oogle over various spy pics, rumors, and leaked info. Or, alternatively, you could just go ahead and buy one. At least, you can buy this 1993 Innotech¬†Mysterro, a one-off prototype built by Czech designer¬†Vaclav Kral. Because it’s currently up for grabs at Racecars Direct.

Kral actually cut his teeth as a designer with Porsche, which makes this ride even more intriguing. It was hand built over the course of two years before debuting at the 1994 Bratislava (Slovakia) international car show. More importantly, what lies under that hand-crafted body is essentially a C4 Corvette with a custom tubular space frame. One that moves the 5.7-liter V8 mid ship.

Mid-Engine Corvette

Boom, mid-engine Corvette. Years before we’re actually going to see one roll off a General Motors assembly line. And surprisingly, the Mysterro’s styling has even held up pretty good after all these years. Naturally, we’d need a little more than the current 300 hp output to get it up to modern standards. But we’re guessing it drives pretty good with C4 Corvette brakes, suspension components, and a relatively light curb weight just shy of 3,000 pounds.

But it’s hard to say, because this interesting mid-engine Corvette custom build has only 62 miles on the odometer. And the asking price is currently an eye-watering $292,000 U.S. dollars. So if you want to get ahead of the coming mid-engine craze, it’s going to cost you. But at least you’ll know you’re driving the only Innotech Mysterro in existence!

Mid-Engine Corvette

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