White C4 Corvette is Perfect 1980s Time Capsule

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1988 35th Anniversary Corvette

1988 35th anniversary C4 Corvette is ready for Radwood and the Art Deco and neon of 1980s Miami.

The Eighties were a decade of decadence the likes of which we may never see again. Tons of neon, boatloads of cash, plenty of color, all fueled by back-room deals, Reaganomics, and Colombian drug lords. In short, the stuff synthwave is made of (and thanks to modern technology, improves upon). Our future was going to be a laser-powered, turbocharged dream, but we all know where we are now.

Then again, no one said you couldn’t go back (aside from Don Henley). The C4-era of the Corvette brought our beloved American sports car out of the bloated “personal luxury” era of the Seventies, and gave it a sleek, svelte, electronic-supersonic style for the era of greed and excess of the Eighties. And for $4,200, this 1988 35th anniversary C4 can take you back to the time of Miami Vice and hair metal.

1988 35th Anniversary Corvette

Located in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Canoga Park, the current owner says the Corvette has a “well maintained engine” paired with a rebuilt automatic transmission. The AC “blows cold,” the exterior and interior are clean and original to the car, and the automatic windows are great for exchanging jars of expensive mustard with that Roller next you at the light.

1988 35th Anniversary Corvette

The owner says the Corvette is “a lot of fun to drive,” but sadly, doesn’t have much time to drive it. The odometer may say 197,000 miles, but we definitely believe there’s plenty of life left in this 35th anniversary edition Corvette. At such a low price, we say you better grab it before the investors turn up, then punch it to 88 like Marty McFly to Radwood with Poison and Miami Nights ’84 booming out of the soundsystem into the neon night.

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