Mid-Engine Corvette C8.R Spotted: Packing Turbocharged Engine

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C8 Corvette

Corvette C8.R race car spotted testing, reveals very unique sound.

“Mid-engine, and turbo? Say it ain’t so,” about half of you are saying in the comments below. Yes, the C8 Corvette is coming, and it’s coming, in some form, as a mid-engine sports car. The racing fanatics over at Sportscar365 captured exclusive shots of this elusive beast this morning.

As Sportscar365 reports, the current C7.R race car is set to participate at Le Mans through 2019. This means the mid-engine C8.R, spotted here, is an early prototype and testbed vehicle for developer Pratt & Miller. How do we know it’s mid-engine? After all, race cars these days all feature wild, extended body work. Well, take a look at the side profile, it’s cabin-forward design gives room for a powertrain to nestle in behind the driver. Oh, and there’s an air inlet mounted behind the cabin. That’s a mid-engine shape.

C8 Corvette C8.R

How do we know it’s turbocharged? Well, the team at Sportscar365 deliver the goods, again. They captured audio of this latest ‘Vette at full throttle. Sounds like a turbocharged V8 engine, if we ever heard one.

This mid-engine, turbocharged Corvette race car is rather telling of an impending mid-engine Corvette road car, as, of course, the class Corvette Racing participates in requires homologation and production road car similarity. There it is, everybody, brace yourselves, the mid-engine C8 Zora is a-go!

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