Mid-Engined C8 Corvette Spied Testing in Colorado

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Pair of heavily disguised C8 Corvette development mules roll through the mountains under the watchful eye of a camera phone.

Thank goodness for real-world testing. Automakers have acres of space that they fill with computers, styling studios, simulation and testing rigs, and even private tracks. However, there are limits to what they can do with that much land. Nothing beats testing in the field. Judging by this video from the Coloradocarsdogsanddrones YouTube channel, it seems as if Chevrolet recently sent two C8 test mules out to Leadville, Colorado for some high-altitude testing.

This isn’t the first time they’ve been out there. In early July, we told you about a couple of shrouded C8s in the Centennial State. The main one spotted in this video seems more or less identically dressed. It’s hard to see much of anything underneath the cladding, although when the lead car brakes at the 1:03 mark, it appears as if the lit elements of the taillights have a square shape to them.

corvetteforum.com Mid-engine C8 Corvette Spied in Colorado

Unfortunately, the road noise filtering into the rogue camera person’s vehicle keeps us from hearing any sort of exhaust note from the C8s, which don’t make things any easier because they don’t accelerate hard in the footage.


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At one point, the C7 ZR1 chaperoning the C8s allows the camera person to pass the mid-engined Corvettes on the left. As they pass, they decide not to pan right with their phone, which means they miss any chance of getting even a fleeting glimpse of the interior. Later on, the driver of the ZR1 gets wise to what the person in the vehicle that’s been following the Chevy Corvette convoy for miles is up to. Around 2:40, right before Coloradocarsdogsanddrones can make another pass on the left, the ZR1 driver slides into the left lane and taps their brakes to tell the amateur spy videographer to back off.

That’s OK. The C8 test mules will eventually test somewhere else in less camo and someone will be watching them…and filming.

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