2019 ZR1 Corvette Takes on All Comers, Modified or Otherwise

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2019 ZR1 Corvette goes up against brutal horsepower in all kinds of machinery at the That Racing Channel Invitational event.

If you want a car to go drag and roll racing, a brand new stock ZR1 is going to hold its own with the big boys. Once you put it up against something that’s been modified to hell and doesn’t care about going around corners, then you should challenge that car to some time attack afterward. In this case, the 811 horsepower Mitsubishi known as Gordon’s Evo X just blew everyone away. Which is nice for Gordon, and it really is a monster build worthy of respect, but we’re more interested to see how the 2019 ZR1 matches up to cars nearer their production specs.

The AMG GT R is one of those cars, and its hard to deny it’s an intimidating adversary. The green hell color is a nod to the Nurburgring, and Mercedes even call it the Beast Of The Green Hell and it has a respectable lap there of 7:10.92. That’s two seconds faster than the Corvette ZR1’s reported time and, by our math, you’ll pay over $20,000 per second of that two second advantage. In this video from the That Racing Channel on YouTube you can also see how evenly matched they are from a roll. From launch though, somethings not right. The 2019 ZR1 is capable of a 10.1-second quarter mile and the GT R, all things being equal, is known to be over a full second slower.

2019 ZR1 Corvette drag and roll racing.

When it comes to the Italian supercar, the V10 Lamborghini Huracan gives a similar story. From a roll, the ZR1 takes it by a nose on repeat runs, but from out of the hole the ZR1 suffers. With all being equal, their quarter-mile times should be quite similar. Any which way though, we love seeing and hearing a ZR1 pulling and looking good while it does so. We also appreciate an owner that gets out and drives it, and our hats are off to the fact this one already has 2,100 miles on it in just three weeks.

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