Salvaged 15-Mile C7 Corvette Grand Sport Selling for Pennies on the Dollar

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C7 Corvette ZR1

C7 Corvette Grand Sport is, essentially, brand new, and might be the find of a lifetime, if you’re the handy type.

These days, rescuing salvaged Corvettes is all the rage. And it’s easy to see why. If you’re mechanically inclined, this is a great way to score an awesome car on the cheap. But while we’ve seen our fair share of wrecked ‘Vettes for sale, we’ve never seen one like this. Because this C7 Corvette Grand Sport currently being auctioned off at Copart has a mere 15 miles on the odometer.

Clearly, the new owner underestimated the performance potential of their new ride. Or, more likely, this is just another case of a test drive gone wrong. Or maybe just an overzealous employee going for a joy ride. Regardless, the Sebring Orange coupe sports some pretty decent front end and undercarriage damage, likely the result of hitting some inanimate object. Judging by the aftermath, it was probably some sort of curb or other barrier.

If you’ve got the skills, rebuilding this C7 Corvette Grand Sport could potentially save you loads of dough. Bidding currently stands at a mere $21,100, which isn’t bad considering the cost of the engine alone. The real question is, can it be rebuilt for a small outlay of cash? And from the pictures provided, it’s pretty hard to tell. We can’t see the entire undercarriage, which could be a giant red flag.


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But if you’ve got the skills, we’ve already seen just how great a cheap salvaged Corvette can turn out. And you’re unlikely to ever find one as essentially brand new as this Grand Sport, that’s for sure. And even if it’s beyond repair, this might just make a nice little donor car for another build!

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