Help This Corvette Forum Member Recover His Stolen C2!

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C2 Corvette

One of our very own loved this ’65 Corvette for 47 years before it was taken from him. Now it’s time to get it back.

You’ve probably pondered it at least a few times in passing. But the thought of having your precious ride stolen still seems unlikely. After all, you do all the right things. You lock your doors, keep your ‘Vette in the garage overnight, and maybe even have an alarm on it. But the sad truth of the matter is, if a thief really wants your ride, they’re going to take it. And that harsh reality recently struck one of our own and his beloved C2 Corvette.

Rockford, Illinois resident Gary Pasch, who goes by the username Gary 65, had owned his 1965 Corvette for 47 years. And he was no stranger to Corvette shows and events over that time frame, like most of us. But when he left his C2 Corvette parked outside his hotel following the 2018 Bloomington Gold Corvette show at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, he awoke to discover it gone.

C2 Corvette

Pasch pleaded his case right here in the forums, but we’re hoping to spread that message out a little further. “Thank you for all the comments that all of you have posted, and the work in trying to get our Corvette back. I am the owner of the stolen Corvette. Yes, my wife and I are devastated. This was part of our family. We are trying to get the information out to as many people and sites as possible. Thanks again to all those wonderful people out there who are helping out.”

Another member posted some identifying information after reaching out to the owner. “1965 black on black fuel injected coupe, VIN number: 194375S103461. The tag on the Rochester fuel injection system was part number: 7017380; serial number 1005.”

Sadly, no news on whether or not Pasch has recovered his beloved ride yet, and that’s obviously not a good thing. But with any luck, we can help him. So be on the lookout for cars/parts matching the description above!

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