Ballsy Corvette Owner Finishes No Prep Race in the Rain

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Most racers wheel their high-dollar rigs to the trailer at the first sign of rain. But not this C7 Corvette owner.

As everybody knows by now, drag racing and rain just don’t mix. Mostly because, well, those super sticky drag radials/slicks you use to hook up essentially turn your car into a giant ice skater with just a little bit of moisture on the pavement. Throw in the slick, virgin surfaces offered up by no prep racing, and things get even more perilous. But none of that mattered to this brave C7 Corvette owner during a recent “Dig Night” event.

Instead of doing what anyone else would do an shut things down for the day, the event organizers decided to modify the race a bit. Instead of running a full quarter-mile, they shortened the track to an eighth. And as if racing in the rain wasn’t scary enough, they were doing it on a newly paved surface. Luckily, nobody wound up kissing the wall or sitting on their roof. At least not that we can tell from this video by¬†High Tech Corvette.

C7 Corvette

Sadly, our resident Corvette hooked up and went straight, but was ever so slightly taken out by a Foxbody Mustang. Later, we see a blue C7 suffer a similar fate, which means it’s game over for the Corvette gang.

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Still, this video is chock full of some pretty killer racing action. And it’s a testament to the skill (and guts) of the drivers that participated. Generally, we see racers wheeling their high-dollar rigs to their high-dollar trailers at the first sight of the wet stuff. But in this case, nobody seems to have backed out, even when it might have been smarter to do just that!

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