Another ‘Vette in the Wall: C3 Crashes into Chiropractor’s Office

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1977 Corvette is doing its best to imitate a Mustang meme.

Somewhere in Wisconsin, this 1977 Corvette has done its best to imitate a Mustang meme.

That’s a captivating image, isn’t it? It also begs a lot of questions, many of them still unanswered. According to WKOW via The Monroe Times, it happened at 9:30 in the morning and, unfortunately, caused some minor injuries. Or maybe it’s fortunate that there were only minor injuries. We think the ‘Vette must have either hit the wall hard or kept on pushing to embed itself that deep into the building.

The driver has been named as 69-year-old Larry R. Mann, of Winslow, Illinois. Mann was alone in his 1977 Corvette, and we still have zero idea of how or why this happened. In fact, prepare for some killer puns after you’ve seen the picture taken from further back.

C3 Corvette crash

This is pure speculation and based on a single image, but it does appear that there’s a tree in the path of where the Corvette would have come from. There’s also no tire marks on the grass that would suggest a loss of control. So, could this have been a spineless attack on a chiropractor’s office? Perhaps the driver was bent out of shape after an expensive visit? Or, maybe, it was simply a loss of traction as the driver tried to manipulate his classic ‘Vette down the road?


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Bad jokes aside, nobody really wants to see a classic ruined like this. We sincerely hope it was just an unfortunate accident and everyone remains flexible in dealing with the aftermath. And, of course, we also hope the insurance companies don’t insist on making too many adjustments.

Photos: Monroe Times

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