Getting In When Locked Out…

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This method worked for me on my PKE-equipped \’93 Corvette.
Another guy and I shook the car so much the keys slid off the dash and
onto the passenger floor! Anyway, here\’s how to save a call to the
What you\’ll need:
10-ga. wire, about 3\’ long
(a coathanger might work, but generally the gauge is too light and it
bends too much)
pliers to bend the wire
electrical tape
(optional, when you trip that pesky alarm)
The idea is to reach in
the interior with the wire and trigger the power door lock switch. This
will set the horn off, so be ready to grab those locked-in keys and turn
off the security system.
What to do:
Bend about one-inch of one
end of the wire around so as to rid the \”tool\” of a sharp edge that
would tear the weatherstripping. Wrap the turned-back end with tape so it
doesn\’t tear the weatherstripping on removal. Bend the entire length
of the wire into a gentle arch so you are able to feed it through the side
of one of the front door\’s window (by the weatherstripping) and down to
the power door lock switch. You should be able to look down through the
door glass and see your movement of the wire around the lock switch. Once
you\’ve placed the looped & taped end at the switch, give it an abrubt
push to activate the switch. If you set the alarm off, but the doors
didn\’t unlock, then you didn\’t hit it hard enough.

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