Is GM Capable of Building a Quality Mid-Engine Sports Car?

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Mid-Engine Corvette Photo Chop

It’s mid-engine week here at Corvette Forum, and you folks over in the forums have a lot to say about the possibility of a mid-engine Corvette coming to market. Some of you even think it might not be a Corvette at all, but rather a halo car wearing a Cadillac badge. But some of you are concerned about a bigger issue; quality. Is General Motors capable of building a quality mid-engine car and a price that makes sense?

GM has built mid-engine cars before, but the Pontiac Fiero ended up being a flop more than anything. A lot has changed since that car hit the streets, including engineering processes and building materials. I highly doubt that a modern-day mid-engine car would have nearly as many issues as the fire starting Fiero.

But some of you do mention that people have had problem with their Z06 Corvettes. Even the 7th generation of the car has had a few teething issues, including Motor Trend‘s Best Driver’s Car car having some very serious, and very public, difficulties.

Corvette has a very successful racing program and those cars have proven to be quite reliable. But not all of you are convinced. I encourage you to head over to the forum post, read the discussion, and contribute your thoughts on the matter.

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