“S*** Corvette Owners Say” Video Is Hilarious

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You know who you are, you Corvette-lovers! Lots of different cars out there have very specific and unique fans and owners, and each one of them is known for the stuff they say, how they drive, and even how they dress.

What about the Chevy Corvette? Well, I could go on and talk about Corvette owner stereotypes, but that’d just be mean. That being said, this hilarious video by Muscle Vs Tuner does a great job at highlighting some oft-talked-about Corvette-owner behaviors.

While this video definitely kicks things up a notch with some NSFW language, and plenty of sexual innuendos, it’s best to take it as a joke, and just enjoy a great laugh while looking at a stunning, current-generation, yellow Z06.

Also, I bet you didn’t know the interesting fact shared about the Corvette’s door handle, huh?

See ya at Applebee’s!

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Via [Muscle Vs Tuner]

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