2003 Corvette With Only 57 Miles Could Be a Steal

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At first glance, there are some that might look at this as an oxymoron of sorts.

After all, given some of the criticism the C5 Corvette has gotten over the years, calling one with a price tag of roughly $45,000 a steal could be perceived as a bit misleading. The generational model of the car, however, doesn’t even begin to describe what makes this Corvette special.

The thing that’s most appealing about this 2003 convertible, which is currently available on eBay, is that it’s a 50th Anniversary Edition ‘Vette with only 57 miles. That’s an average of about 4.3 miles per year of usage over the 13-year duration of the car. My guess is that even some of the staunchest C5 critics would find that bit of info interesting, given some of the car’s commemorative features, including the “Anniversary Red Metallic” paint.

Of course, if nostalgia really isn’t your thing, you could also argue that for another $10,000 or so you could buy a 2016 Corvette and call it a day.

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