C7 Corvette’s Visible Carbon Fiber Hood Insert: Worth It?

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C7 Corvette Carbon Fiber Hood Insert

Dealership line item lists exposed carbon-fiber element at $1,995. Is it a frivolous option or an appearance necessity?

What would you pay for a carbon-fiber hood stripe? It’s a good question and at least one Chevy dealer thinks it’s worth a fiver under $2,000 for it.

C7 Corvette Carbon Fiber Hood Insert

In a recent CorvetteForum topic, forum member lxcoupe posted a photo of the options sheet on a C7 Corvette. It included a ‘Visible Carbon Fiber Hood Insert’ line item on the sticker for $1,995.

Lxcoupe called the option “absurd” and later in the thread chided GM for offering it at such a price. “The Corvette tax is alive and well. When guys are lining up around the block to pay for these options to win their local car shows, the Vette must surely be one of GM’s more lucrative platforms, alongside the Escalade of course.”

Of course, the contrary to this is that Corvette’s competition has rendered option pricing into an art form. Forum member Higgs Boson points to Germany for an excessive counterpoint. “If you think GM gets a lot for options go build a [Porsche] 911 and see where your price ends up. GM is cheap. Sure $2000 seems like a lot when you don’t find value in the item, but some would pay $3000 for it so $2000 becomes a bargain.”

Others thought the aesthetic appeal of the carbon fiber worked well with other elements of the car. With available options like visible carbon-fiber Targa tops, front splitters, spoilers, and rocker moldings, the hood insert could make an attractive combination.


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Forum member wonka12_98 also added that the hood insert adds to what makes their particular Corvette special: “It’s what makes my car stand out against many of the other Corvettes I see. I do have more carbon fiber than many people so I may be biased.”

In reality, if customers pay for something willingly, it’s not a bad idea, right? Chevy seems to have their customer base figured out and the customers like what’s on offer.

We’ll let have aerobaticflyer get the last word in, but feel free to weigh in yourself: “I did the exposed CF roof and hood insert. Expensive? Absolutely! Worth it? Totally subjective IMO so I can only respond on my own behalf…and that’s a yes. I wanted the CF theme throughout the car (splitter and skirts too) so GM got me good…The price of getting exactly what I wanted. I’m good with that.”

Eric Rood is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and LS1Tech, among other auto sites.

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