How to Do an Open Air Lid Mod

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Well just a free mod you can
do to your air box. Invloves cutting a massive hole in the box so more air
can come through it.

Seems to me like it does nothing except
allow air to enter easily but I don\’t know if it allows MORE air to
come in.

Well install is straight forward. Remove airbox by
unscrewing the 3 screws holding it together. Then unscrew the gasket
holder that holds the airbox to the baffle and remove the aitbox from the
car. Take the top portion off the airbox. Drill the holes holding the
airbox cover onto the airbox. This will remove the large cover from the
box. Next cut the fins around the edge of the box. A dremel would have
been great in this case but all I had was a hacksaw and a drill. Grind the
sharp peices down, spray paint what you cut and reinstall. With the K&N I
couldn\’t feel a noticable power difference but it sounds GREAT!! Good

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