How To Replace a CS-130 Alternator with a CS-144

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subject comes up often in the Tech section so I decided to share my
experience as a tech tip.
The CS-130 alternator used in many L98 C4
Vettes is famous for its abily to selfdestruct unexpectedly.
have dreamed about better alt. There is one: CS-144 used in ZR-1\’s
(124Amp) and in the very last years of C4 LT-1 and LT-4 Vettes (140Amp).
I replaced mine with the 124Amp model. My car is a �91 coupe, the
installation is similar to other years too but check first whether your
alt brackets are diffirent or not.
Here is how it is
It is otherwise a plug and play installation but a
attachement ear must be modified so it can fit the stock upper
You need to file the smaller (upper) ear on the alternator
front casing. Remember to file only from the windshield (rear) side of
this ear. This way you can be sure the belt aligment is correct after
filing. The ear on CS-130 16mm (0,63\”) and on the CS-144 20mm (0,79\”)
thick. So you need to file away 4mm (0,16\”). Remember to smooth all
edges to eliminate stress points on the ear.

After this the
installation is straigthforward. Only the rear support rod doesn\’t fit.
The \”clock position\” of the rear casing doesn\’t matter as it will
not fit in any way – CS-144 is longer than CS-130. I found the
installation to be very rigid even without the rear rod but you can easily
fabricate a new one if you feel unsure. The clock postion of the casing is
only relevant to the wiring, make sure they are easily connectable. The
CS-144 I used needed no fiddling with the case clock position.
CS-144 unit had a bit bigger belt pulley than the stock CS-130 but it
works just fine with the stock belt. Because of this pulley, the alt
operates at lower rpm than the stock CS-130. This makes it stay even
cooler and there was no noticeable difference in volt meter indication
compared to original.
Part numbers for th 124A CS-144 I used are
ADC# 321-567
GM# 10463257
Hope this helps anybody else
frustrated with the CS-130.

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