How-To Tuesday: Lowering Your C5 Corvette

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The fifth generation re-ignited a love for the Corvette that many people seemed to have lost. The car was completely transformed from the previous edition for the better. One of the best things that came from this new design was the ability to adjust and alter many stock items, including the ability to lower the car altogether.

Today’s How-To Tuesday article details the various options available if you would like to drop your C5 Corvette down some from the factory clearance. The article also goes into specifics about the many price points when it comes to making a modification for the car. Be it new tires, new rims, seats, or many bolt-on parts, you can be sure to find the part you’re looking for at a reasonable price.

lowered c5 vert

Lowering a Corvette, regardless of the model year, is one of those eyes-of-the-beholder looks. This is a topic that goes either way in the Corvette world. You likely either love it or hate it. I’m not sure that there’s really an in-between. What’s your take? Do you love the look or hate the look? What generations are okay to drop, and which ones are not?

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