Project Stingray: The Parts Are Here!

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The day is finally coming. All the new parts have arrived and I’ve pulled everything out of the boxes for final testing and inspection. Project Stingray is just days away from firing up for the first time. Since I had all the parts out of the boxes to inspect and check, I decided this would be the best time to point out some of the more important features and details of the various parts that I am using.

In this latest video for Project Stingray, we go over each piece, one by one, and go over some of the various features and specs that made these parts the right pick for this particular Corvette-inspired computer. I also made sure to include lots of fancy B-Roll footage and close-ups of the parts, so you are not stuck just staring at my face for six minutes.

Don’t forget to come back next week when we do the full build of the computer, with step by step instructions so you guys can put one together yourself if you want to upgrade your current gaming rig or build a new one. VR and 4K gaming is here, and it’s time to build the hardware to get the best experience possible.

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