This C7 Looks Hungry

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While this hungry C7 certainly might not be for everyone, I can see why it might appeal to some.

After all, the fact that it was developed by American Car Craft for the Stingray gives it a lot of personality for those looking to add a very unique feature to their C7.

According to American Car Craft, “Each grille is made from 304 stainless steel, and is guaranteed not to rust or tarnish over time. We cut each of these grilles using computer-controlled industrial lasers, and then each piece is hand-finished by our skilled craftsmen.”

The “Shark Tooth Grille” upgrade, which costs $300 to $400, is bound to leave a lasting impression like few other Corvette features … pun intended. If you find that bit entertaining, you’re going to absolutely love the theme music featured in the video.

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via [Carscoops]

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