Indiana Police Recover Stolen Corvette Belonging to Corvette Forum Member

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stolen C2 Corvette 1965

After being stolen, the 1965 Corvette was recovered just blocks from where it vanished.

You could say Gary Pasch is a happy man. After his 1965 Corvette was stolen three months ago, he has finally been reunited with it thanks to the Indianapolis Police. IndyStar chronicled the events that led up to the reunion of the car that Gary and his wife bought in 1971 as a wedding present to themselves.

The theft took place in Indianapolis while Pasch and his wife were in town for the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Being from out-of-town, the Pasch’s had an overnight hotel stay near the event, and that’s when the theft took place. Mind you, that event was three months ago, in late June. Pasch, who goes by Gary 65 on our forums reached out to help recover the stolen ‘Vette when it first happened.

stolen C2 Corvette 1965

Pasch is quoted as saying, “I kept hoping the whole time that it was going to be recovered, but as time went on, after three months, you get a little doubtful.” His frustrations are understandable, since every additional minute a car is missing, the more likely it is to be headed to a chop shop and stripped of parts.

But amazingly, Pasch’s wife received a call from Indianapolis Police stating they had the Corvette. It was found in a storage unit close to the hotel from where the Corvette originally was stolen. But the thief did cover their tracks a little bit. The storage unit was rented under a fake name, and paid for with cash, leaving no real paper trail to follow.

On the bright side, the Corvette wasn’t completely stripped of parts, but the coupe did receive damage along the way. Damage to the stolen Corvette was a bit bizarre, with cuts in the fiberglass, seemingly in an attempt to pull the motor, even though access to open the hood from within the car was unobstructed. As well, some damage at the rear of the car indicated it was pushed around by force.

Either way, Pasch says the Corvette is repairable, and simply enjoys being reunited with his beloved Corvette.

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