The Internet’s Most Absurd Corvette Donks

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Donk C6 Corvette Z06

In my daily stumble through the forums, I came upon this donk posted by forum member CSixDude. (Click here to find out what a donk is.) I apologize if the images in this post are too graphic for you. For those of you who can bare looking at these travesties, I have a two questions for you: how much money would it take to get you to ruin your Corvette this way?

Hit me with your answers in the comments below.

My second question is in the form of a “lesser of two evils” poll.

Would you rather mod your Corvette like this, or crash it into a wall at 35 mph?

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Now for some more of the worst Corvette donks the Internet has ever seen.

C6 Corvette Donk Green

via Camaro5

C6 Corvette Donk

via Camaro5

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