Late Model Racecraft Takes C7 Corvette 1/4-Mile Record in Wild Run

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Blown engine at the 1,000 foot marker means LMR’s C7 world record is 8.05 seconds…for now.

Beech Bend Raceway Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, saw a new C7 world record drag run set, but not without its complications. LS Fest East brought out a lot of heavy hitters to take to the track, and with one famous exterior caged C5 Corvette recently entering the record books as the fastest stick shift GM car ever, many other shops and drivers have been on the hunt for the same recognition.

Late Model Racecraft showed up ready to fight and be the first to get a C7 Corvette into the 7’s, and everything seemed to be going their way in order to make that happen. However, it was during just one pass where all of the action happened, and when they were forced to pack up for the weekend.

Late Model Racecraft C7 world record drag

During the race, LMR runs their C7 Corvette against another, known as “Stangkilr” for a grudge race. While both cars are competitive, it’s the LMR car that’s looking for less of a race, and more for that ever-elusive seven second ET.


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Everything in the run is looking great, with the LMR C7 hooking up well in the left lane, riding out a wheelie. It’s only on the far end of the track when it appears that something has gone wrong. At about the 1,000 foot mark, a thick plume of white smoke comes bellowing out of the back of the car. That smoke show means it’s the end of their weekend for them, but it didn’t come without something to celebrate.

Late Model Racecraft C7 world record drag

Setting a time of 8.05 was good enough to snag the C7 world record, even if it’s not a seven second pass. Proving that the top end power isn’t there, the trap speed was only 164 miles per hour. What’s more astonishing was that the run was done on lower boost. Street tires had made the surface a little less than perfect, and this meant a full-bore launch wouldn’t have been easy. So they had a potential seven second run on an engine that was de-tuned. Late Model Racecraft will obviously have the engine torn down to find out what went wrong, but we expect a new record from these guys very soon.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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