Ever Had To Fix Someone Else’s Performance Parts Install on a Corvette?

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Diablo Formula Racing had to get their hands dirty and get creative to fix a broken C6 cam sensor.

Screw ups happen to the best of us, and some repairs we thought we could complete at home end up having unforeseen obstacles. It doesn’t mean we did anything wrong, but the bolt that snapped, or that electrical connector that cracked adds another unexpected fix to a project that forces us to take it to a pro.

That’s exactly what happened to this C6 Corvette when the owner was installing headers and a high performance camshaft. The problem arose when the camshaft sensor broke off in the housing that covers the cam gear. Attempts were made to fish it out from its recess in the cam cover, but that only made things worse.

C6 cam sensor cover fix repair 2

Diablo Formula Racing was tasked with getting things back in order, which included taking a good deal of the front of the engine off. Part of the cam sensor had been pushed through the cover and was now on the cam gear itself. This left shavings all over the place and the oil pump had to be removed to clean it up.


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Not only did shavings come from the sensor, but also the cover as well. Scarring was rather deep on the fitting for the sensor, and since it needs to seal for oil, it had to be finished by hand, possibly with the addition of silicone sealant just to make up for any surface imperfections. Obviously, once a project has gone wrong to this length, it’s OK to call upon someone with more tools to help out.

If there really is any key takeaway here, it’s a warning to anyone else working on that cam sensor. Attempts to dig it out could cause more headache than necessary, and you might end up having to buy more parts just to undo damage. And yeah, we know the video title is click-bait.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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