Let’s Keep ’em Rolling, Guys

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If you’ve been worried about that new Stingray you ordered ever since learning that workers at the Corvette plant have been considering walking off the job, there’s good news: After voting to authorize a strike last week at the Kentucky facility, it appears local union officials are making progress in meetings with General Motors and international UAW officials to get their issues resolved.

“Some things haven’t been addressed, but they will be,” said Eldon Renaud, President of the Local 2164 Chapter of UAW. “You have to solve one problem at a time, and we still have to run a plant. It’s going to take some time, but I see a good cooperative effort. Our members are definitely behind what we’re doing and they see the good that can come from it.”

Hopefully, the parties can get things resolved quickly to keep those hot new Corvette deliveries on schedule.

Source [WBKO News]

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