How Long Do You Spend Looking at Corvette Forum?

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The biggest problem I have with working on the Internet is getting sucked into a site for much longer than I really should and then getting behind on work. This problem gets even worse when I work for those very sites that suck me in. Case in point, the wonderful madness that is Corvette Forum. I can start digging around the various threads for cool photos or new front page stories, and next thing I know it’s well past my lunch break, and I still don’t want to stop. Member Russ472 knows what I mean, and he recently posted up a thread to ask other users just how much time they spend on Corvette Forum.

Russ472 claims that throughout the day he can rack up more than two hours of CF goodness. The general consensus through the thread so far seems to be in the one to two hour range, with a few outliers like me that spend more than a healthy amount on site. Here is the thing though, the question was just posted up in the C6 thread, so I am sure a lot of you guys haven’t seen it yet. Consider this another call to action. Head over to the thread and lay it out for me. Just how much time do you spend browsing this awesome site?

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