Love/Hate Relationship: C7 Hate

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Hate It

I actually like the rear of the car but despised the headlights. They are ultra cheesy and overwrought with mini Christmas bulbs . I find this absurd ! The 2014 M5 nearby had lamps to die for as did the new BMW 4 Series Coupe and the E Mercedes.
 ? John T

?IMO there is nothing lasting about the C7 Ricer styling, nothing that deserves the label Stingray, nothing that people will look back upon as having set a new styling trend.
– I Bin Therbefor

The car lost its heritage and iconic features including the tail end and lack of roundness! Don’t like it, also they “estimate” 450hp, they don’t know? Great release GM!! Thumbs down!!!
– Big Dan 427

Hate the taillights and all the square lines as well, maybe in person it will make a better impression, but for now I’m not running to the showroom
– RogerC6

I watched it…not impressed…I have to see it in person; the interior looks like they resurrected the C4 dash. The rear looks like a Pontiac and that little Stingray emblem they are making a big deal about looks stupid as hell to me.
– Too-Fast

This is the UGLIEST F***ing excuse for a corvette EVER! May God have mercy on Wilburn and his band of hacks. There, there, try to lie still, Bill Mitchell.

LOL, this is one hideous car, inside and outside. The only part that looks ok is the front since it looks like the new viper. The black pillars look super out of place now with the rear quarter windows in place. Hanging on to my C6 without any doubt.
And One, Well… We’re Not Quite Sure

A swing and a miss but the catcher didn’t catch the ball and it rolled back to the stands and the catcher threw wild to first, and the right fielder let the ball go through his legs and missed the cutoff man and the batter scored. Same result as a home run which is what I think GM did with the C7.

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