Man gets locked in C6 Corvette, calls 911

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A C6 Corvette has trapped yet another person with its electronic doors. Last week, Hemon Haskins of Lynchburg, Virginia decided to climb into a 2007 Corvette at a dealership. Haskins ended up getting locked inside because the car’s battery had died.

Not knowing the C6 has an emergency door release under the driver’s seat, the man panicked and called a 911 dispatcher. According to autoevolution, Haskins was able to exit the vehicle after a passerby heard him blowing the horn. Hmm, the car’s battery was flat, yet Haskins was able to sound the horn. Yep, that makes sense.

Now, I’m sure you’re saying this would never happen to you, but this has even happened to Corvette owners … not just admirers.

In 2011, Jalopnik reported of a C6 ZR1 owner getting stuck inside after the electric door releases failed to work, which led him to crawl to the back of the car and pull the emergency tag to get out through the rear luggage compartment. This guy should have read his owner’s manual.

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