Man’s Dream Corvette Z06 Goes Up in Flames

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Burnt C7 Corvette Z06

Sports car fan says ordeal has made him cautious of Corvettes.

We imagine there are a probably a few folks at Chevy working to get to the bottom of this incident. Well, at least they should be, and with a sense of urgency given the circumstances.

Though, we’re sure it probably pales in comparison to Keith Haughton’s patience when it comes to finding out what happened. The charred Corvette pictured is actual Haughton’s 2016 Z06 or rather was left of his dream car after it unexpectedly caught on fire.

Something tied to that overheating issue we’ve covered here, maybe? Who knows.  But according to a CNY Central report, Haughton was taking a friend for a ride when the Corvette started to feel like it was slowing down, right before the car’s suspension warning light came on. Haughton then felt the car losing power in the car’s steering and other functions. By the time he was able to pull the car over, it had already started to catch on fire.

Luckily, Haughton and his friend were able to escape before the Corvette went up in flames and firefighters were called to the scene. But as you might imagine, it’s all been very frustrating nonetheless.

We can’t imagine that General Motors isn’t working on way to help to find some resolution as long as Haughton hasn’t done anything that would void the warranty on the Corvette.

Although, it appears that the entire ordeal has left Haughton with a bitter taste for Corvettes.  The Syracuse native said that while he plans to get another sports car, he’ll likely be staying away from the Chevy sports car when he makes his next purchase.

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