This Jimmie Johnson Corvette Story Will Melt Your Heart

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Jimmie Johnson serves two scoops of awesomeness to little kid with health issues, before giving away stunning Corvette Z06.

The biggest difference between European race car drivers and our American racers can be summed up with one word: humility. While most folks across the pond try their best to stay away from their “bothersome” fans, Nascar and Indycar drivers (regardless of nationality) absolutely adore their fans, and give them the respect and attention they deserve.

There isn’t bigger proof of that than this video uploaded to Twitter by none other than Nascar superstar Jimmie Johnson. The No. 48 made a little kid’s dream come true when he took him out for a heck of a ride onboard a gorgeous Corvette Z06 convertible.

Regardless if you have kids or not (but specially if you do), you will find this video quite touching. Although he doesn’t go into details, we can imagine that the little boy hasn’t had too good of a time lately, and Johnson helps him forget about whatever issues he may have — even if it is for just a few minutes. What a class act!

Even better, after the short and smoky ride was over, Johnson mentions that the silver Corvette will be raffled off by the Jimmie Johnson Foundation. If you’re interested, tickets will cost — you guessed it — $48 bucks, and only 4,848 tickets will be sold. The deadline to score your own chance at this stunning Z06 is November 20th (or until they sell out). Buy them here!

As if it couldn’t get any better, the foundation will even pay the winner’s federal taxes!

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