How Many Wish They Could Own a $680,000 Corvette?

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Is it me, or is that the older some of these Corvettes become, the more they seem to get out of reach?

I mean, isn’t the Corvette supposed to be a more affordable piece of the American dream?

Sure, I know there’s a huge price that comes with any prized classic piece of sheet metal (or fiberglass) over time, but it still gets a little frustrating for those of us who will probably never, ever be able to afford some of the more collectible models.

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That is, unless we happen to hit the lottery.

Take, for example, this blacked-out ’69 L88 that recently sold for a whopping $680,000 at the recent Mecum Dallas auction. The car, equipped with a 427 V8 engine with 430 horsepower, was once owned by racer Tony DeLorenzo, and is one of only 116 made, which significantly raises its value.

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The second I stumbled on this I wondered how many old-school Corvette fans could actually afford or even dream of owning this one. Probably not many, but I guess that’s the price that comes with being a fan of Corvettes – even for those of us who find ourselves being priced out of the true collectible models decades later.

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