Could Corvettes be Too Much for Young Drivers?

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I’m sure this will stir up some debate, but after learning of another fatal crash in a Corvette with a young driver at the wheel, I think it’s time we come to the realization that some people might just be too young to be trusted with that kind of power.

No, I know it’s not fair to make a blanket statement considering there are some very responsible young drivers on the road. In fact, some are more responsible than those of us who have been driving for decades.

Still, I’m just inclined to think that a 27-year-old like the one who recently died in San Diego is far less likely to try to race if he’s driving something like a Toyota Prius.

The young driver apparently was involved in an illegal street race near Sea World in San Diego doing 100 mph when he lost control of the car and struck a palm tree, according to a Los Angeles Times report.

Less than a week ago, I came across a report of a 16-year-old female high school student who was killed driving a Corvette near St. Louis. Officials attribute her death to speed.

Even more frightening, an officer says that if the Corvette driver in San Diego hadn’t struck the palm tree, the car likely would have crashed into oncoming traffic injuring innocent drivers.

Now, in all fairness, I’ve also come across reports of a few other young driving fatalities in recent weeks that didn’t involve a sports car; however, I still think there’s a higher level of responsibility that needs to come with driving a car like a Corvette. I’m not sure a lot of young drivers would understand that responsibility until it’s far too late.

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