How Much Corvette Can You Get For $1800?

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What can you get for $1,800? A dash of naiveté and a whole bucket full of hopes and dreams? If you’re 17-year-old Corvette Forum member BrandensBeast, it will get you a 1984 Corvette coupe. This white slab of American ingenuity is obviously in rough shape, but Branden says he knows that this will be a money pit, but he wants to build it, and keep it for himself.

And I applaud him for it.

This kid has a lot more bravery and desire than I do to own a C4. You couldn’t give me a Crossfire car, let alone convince me to take one that was located in the New York Area during Hurricane Sandy. Beyond the probable water damage, the interior is shot, and the electrical is fried, but six pages into the thread, and Branden is still holding strong to his desire to own this Corvette.

He says there are going to be changes, and that lots of people won’t like them, but I am just excited to see anyone that young with such a strong desire to own a Corvette that they are willing to blow the amount of time necessary to make a project like this happen.

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